Waiting is a thing of the past!

Kesseböhmer Store Fixtures
is revolutionising the convenience sector!

Driven by the idea of supplying customers on the go with hot and cold snacks, convenience products, coffee, tea and cold drinks at any me, a totally new and innovative supply unit was designed ‐ cashless and self‐service!

Packaged burgers, salads, wraps, sushi or sandwiches in the chilled display cabinet or hot pizza or baked snacks in the hot one: the K‐Box is a unique solution for any convenience location. Even fresh, hot soup can be integrated as a module. The customer can track their selection and account directly using the innovative communication terminal.

But the concept offers plenty of advantages for the operator too: low staff costs, stock control, data analysis in real me for the management of a specific category, special offer or campaign, digital price and product information and flat screens for additional advertising opportunities.

The K‐BOX has been developed as an integrated, smart point of sales soluti on. Based on our network of strong technological, so ware and food partners we can make your individual convenience project a reality!

Whether you are a food retailer, railway station or airport, a museum, office, canteen, cinema, hotel, food stand, petrol station or DIY store. The possibilities are almost endless. Thanks to the K-BOX , customers can be supplied with high-quality, fresh convenience products at any time.

NO queues, NO tills, NO cash!

Each sales module can be used separately by a customer. The K‐BOX automatically detects the goods that have been selected, or put back, and the payment transaction follows immediately by direct debit.

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