K-Box Info

What’s the K-BOX?

K-BOX has been developed as a comprehensive and smart solution for Point of Sales. Driven by the idea to provide takeaway products such as hot and cold snacks, convenience products, coffee, tea and cold drinks at any time, a highly innovative supply unit has been designed – cashless and with self-service!

Chilled wraps, salads, sandwiches, sushi, sweets, hot pizza or baked snacks: the K-Box is a unique solution for any convenience location. Even fresh, hot soup can be integrated as a module. The customer can track their selection and account directly using the innovative communication terminal.

Whether you would like to offer cold wraps and sandwiches, salads, sushi, sweets, hot pizza or pastries: K-Box is a unique solution for any convenience location. Even fresh hot soups and non-food goods can be integrated as modules. Thanks to the innovative communication terminal, customers can directly track their selection and account.

K-BOX offers overall a wide product choice and higher flexibility in combination with a modern design. It provides 24/7 catering possibilities with minimum personnel expenditure.

K-BOX’s objectives

  • Bridging classic operating concepts with vending machines
  • Contemporary presentation of goods for end users, customers, guests and employees
  • Operators can choose freely from a wide range of products
  • Enhanced shopping experience due to free product selection and opportunity to return items
      – all with self-service, cashless and 24/7!


For operators

  • Low staff costs
    K-BOX can be centrally managed at the location as well as externally. Local staff or external operators are responsible for the refilling so that sales personnel is no longer required.
  • Free product choice
    All products (food or non-food) can be freely selected.
  • Dynamic pricing thanks to digital price labelling
    Real-time data analysis allows for call to action & campaign management.
  • Everything from a single provider
    Kesseböhmer is in charge of the ordering process as well as the logistics, assembly, installation and after sales service/maintenance of K-BOX.

For end-users

  • No checkout procedure
    The received goods are directly identified.
  • No queues
    Each module can be used separately.
  • No cash
    The transaction is cashless and completed electronically.

Where can the K-BOX be used?

The applications are wide-ranging and almost boundless:

Kesseböhmer offers various modules that can be arranged and assembled to customer specifications: Cold, hot, ambient, coffee, tea, drinks, soup. Further modules for food heating and waste disposal round off the comprehensive range of offers. All modules are manufactured in the factory in Bohmte. The K-BOX has no exclusivity from any particular manufacturer or supplier. Operators are free to choose which products, packing units and/or manufacturers they want to use.

… and how does the K-BOX work?

If you would like to know more about the K-BOX, please contact us.
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